The North Shore, 2013

The love affair with Hawaii continues. Quintin, Marcus, Josh ‘Big Storms’ Roach and Doug and Kristin Sangillo along with Drew and myself spent two weeks in a house on the beach at Sunset. We caught the last of the big winter swell, drank beers around a fire on the beach and ate fish tacos to the sound of the surf on the balcony. Fresh air and salt water will go a long way to curing what ails ya’.

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Blackspur Ride, 2013

Our friend Andy was back in Australia for a week, so the Vinnies got together and did the only thing appropriate, headed up the Blackspur. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that place is one giant racetrack! Incredible roads.

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Cape Liptrap Motorcycle Camping Trip, 2013

Over the summer in Australia, Vinnies members Rhys, Marcus and I took an overnight trip down to Cape Liptrap on the south eastern tip of mainland Australia. We battled dusted dirt roads, bent and broke motorcycle parts, cold nights under the stars and tempted fate in treacherous surf. All the ingredients for a memorable weekend on the road.

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2013 Summer in Australia

After a rough end to 2012, I decided a trip back to Australia for some sun and surf might be just what the doctor ordered. Our Hawaii friends Doug and Kristin were able to come too, which made 16 hour flight back from Los Angeles all the more worth it. From sailing off Mornington, beach days to golf with old friends, it was a great few months.

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Costa Rica, 2013

This February Courtney and I went to Costa Rica with the Stipanovich family. We stayed in the town of Santa Teresa. I can’t say that I loved it, with my review being “It’s an expensive Mexico”. Still, I had great surf for a few days.

Posted by Drew

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